As Elkhorn closes out another very active and program filled summer season staff would like to thank everyone for their support. The summer officially started with the kid’s annual fishing derby. Our thanks Idaho Fish and Game representatives who demonstrated catching, cleaning and cooking techniques making this a very special family event. Water aerobics was back at the Village with a very loyal and energetic following. Swimming lessons totaled 118 on the season. The Grilling classes proved a huge success selling out once again with duties shared by two very talented local chefs. Art classes, archery lessons and the family BBQ held in the Patty Rosewater Park provided fun entertainment for all. Adult painting class, yoga and kid’s movie night in the Harker lounge were very well attended. We thank Sun Valley Company for once again providing Nine and Dine events as well as the Monday night burgers and Friday night fish and chip restaurant specials. We hope those of you attending these programs and events had as much fun participating as we had in providing them. We once again wrapped up our summer season with the 4th annual Wet Dog Pool Festival on Tuesday September 5th. This day, was enjoyed by many of our fury friends as the day was filled with swimming, ball chasing, treats and an abundance of dog gone fun!

If you have ideas for a special event or program be sure to let us know, we would like to hear from you. Thanks everyone, we look forward to next summer!