The SVEA Board and staff extend a warm welcome to longtime Elkhorn residents Laurie Fitzpatrick and Peter Jarvis.  Laurie & Peter were elected by the membership at the January membership meeting.  Laurie brings her knowledge of working with state and local organizations experience to SVEA and has worked on various boards throughout the community. She is very interested in the ongoing vision of the Board and how it will impact the Elkhorn community.  Peter, who has spent over 45 years working in the justice system as an attorney and judge has owned a residence in the Association for 31 years and believes it is time to get involved. His primary areas of interest lie in the governance process, finances and open space / land use.  Both Laurie and Peter enjoy hiking and neighborhood walks from time to time so be sure to introduce yourself if you see them out and about in the Elkhorn community. We all welcome Laurie Fitzpatrick and Peter Jarvis and we thank you for volunteering!