There are several committees appointed by the Board of Directors, which may assist the Board by making recommendations.

Those committees are as follows:


The Communications Committee’s mission is to ensure that relevant, accurate and timely information and communication flows between the SVEA Board, Staff and SVEA owners.
The Communication Committee:

  • Seeks to enhance the quality of communication to Elkhorn owners and other interested parties
  • Seeks to foster a sense of community and provide avenues for active participation in Elkhorn activities
  • Will assist staff in publicizing Elkhorn activities by creating a new website, signage program and branding efforts.


This committee is made up of the four officers of the Board. They hear appeals of the Violation Hearing Board, and/or ADC, or act, between Board Meetings, on time sensitive issues.

Finance | Capital Improvements | Long Range Planning

The responsibilities of the SVEA Finance / Capital Improvements / Long Range Planning Committee are:

(1) Funding and expenditures for operations and capital requirements

  • Recommendation of financial policy related to annual budget and recommendation to Board of Directors.  
  • Assuring adequate cash flow and proper and timely management and investment of cash.
  • Oversight of annual budget process and recommendation to Board of Directors.
  • Recommendation of dues structure to Board of Directors, including property owner billings and split between Operational and Capital funds.
  • Review of monthly expenditure statements and investigation of entries as appropriate.

(2) Financial Transparency

  • Ensure that information regarding budget, expenditures and deviation from plan are readily available to all members.
  • Provide regular updates regarding financial matters in SVEA newsletters and property owner meetings.
  • Respond to ad-hoc financial queries as appropriate.

(3) Capital Improvements / Long Range Planning

  • Reviews the capital component list, as well as the existing assets in order to develop a timeline for upgrades and to make recommendations regarding major capital items for budgeting.
  • Continue the Amenity Master Planning work by coordinating efforts with the Recreation, Tennis and Communication Committees.


This committee will be responsible for ensuring the Board processes are fit-for-purpose, provide suitable controls, reflect best practices, and are transparent. Specific Board processes for focus include elections and meeting procedures, but other Board processes such as audit and insurance may be periodically considered as appropriate. This committee will be fully accountable to the Board for member elections, with responsibility for evaluating Board needs, developing selection criteria, soliciting prospective candidates, and supporting election activities.

Racquet Sports

The responsibility of the Tennis Committee includes making recommendations to the Board regarding programs and the physical facilities. The Committee will be active in coordinating with the Capital Improvements / Long Range Planning Committee.


The responsibility of the Recreation Committee includes parks, open space, swimming, golf, and trails. This committee develops recommendations for the Board based on community input regarding our physical facilities and programs. The Committee will be active in making recommendations to the Capital Improvements/Amenity Master Planning Committee regarding the details and timing for implementing components of the Amenity Master Plan.

Sub-Associations Liaison

This is an Ambassador Program that assigns an SVEA Board Member to attend each sub-association annual meeting in an effort to keep those owners up-to-date on relevant SVEA issues, accomplishments, and upcoming events, as well as to answer questions and bring comments, concerns or suggestions back to the Board. Staff and the Communications Committee will assist with providing topics and pertinent information.

Water Committee

The purpose and objective of the Water Resources Committee is to “Maximize the effectiveness of the use of water within the Elkhorn valley.”