AMENITY CARD POLICIES – Updated at the 3-18-21 Board Meeting

Issued By:               Only SVEA Administrative Office will issue “Owner Card”.
Owners Include:      Listed Property Owner of Record; Owners with at least a 25% Ownership Interest in Property
Term of Card:          8 Years
Type of Card:          Plastic w/ Photo & Barcode
At Expiration:           New Picture – Reactivate Card for 8 Additional Years

Issued By:               Only SVEA Administrative Office will issue “Family Members” card
Family Includes:      Owners Children; Significant Others (Spouse)
Term of Card:          3 Years up to 24 Years of Age; After Age 24 – 1 Year Pass Issued
Type of Card:          Plastic w/Photo & Barcode
At Expiration:           New Picture – Determine Duration Based on Age

Issued by:              SVEA Administrative Staff
Guest:                    Those guests of Owners residing (30 days or less) in Elkhorn
Term of Card:         Duration of Stay – Not to exceed 30 days.
Type of Card:         Paper w/barcode
At Expiration:          Disposable Card – Guest name kept in database for future use.

LONG TERM TENANT (More than 30 Days) – Fee $600 Annually Billed to Unit Owner
Issued By:              Only SVEA Administrative Office will issue “Long Term Tenant Card”
.                             Copy of lease or Written Owner Authorization must be provided.
Long Term Tenant: Only those individuals renting a condo/home for more than 30 days.
Term of Card:         Duration of Lease or Owner Authorization and 1 year maximum
Type of Card:         Plastic w/ Photo & Barcode
At Expiration:          New copy of lease or Owner Authorization – Reactivate Card

CORPORATE CARD – Same Conditions as Long-term Tenant Card if Issued to Company.
                               $600 Fee waived for tenant if no Company/Corporate Card Issued.
.                              Guest Fees Apply.

SHORT-TERM RENTAL – Fee $600 Annually Billed to Unit Owner
Issued By:              SVEA Administrative Staff; Property Managers; Authorized Owners.
Guest:                    Residing in Elkhorn (30 Days or Less)
Term of Card:         Duration of Stay in Elkhorn (30 Days or Less)
Type of Card:         Paper w/Barcode – All Guests Must Have Card – No Additional Access
At Expiration:          Disposable Card – Guest Name Maintained in Database

Issued By:               SVEA Administrative Staff
Employee:              Those individuals actively employed by SVEA.
Term of Card:          Duration of Employment
Type of Card:          Plastic w/Picture and Barcode
At Expiration:          Card Terminated and Discarded

PROGRAM USER PASS – Fee $5.00 per Amenity Entrance Per Person
Issued By:               Tennis and Pool Staff
Program User:         Non-Cardholder – Restricted to Tennis & Swimming Programs Only
Term of Pass:          Duration of Clinic, Lesson or Class for Tennis & Swim Program
Type of Card:          None at this time



Granting Access to Amenities:
Owners are entered into Ally software as a member of the Association.  These individuals can be found in the system by name if their amenity card is unavailable.  The owner may present another form of photo ID and access will be granted. Family Members will be granted access only if they are registered in the Amenity Card System and possess a valid amenity card or photo ID.

Long Term Tenants (30 days or more) will be granted access only if they possess a valid amenity card.

All Guests not accompanied by property owner must have a paper card with bar code.  A guest pass cannot be issued in excess of 30 days. Pictures are not required for guest passes.  The guest may enter the facilities if their card is active.  This is immediately visible on the check-in screen by “green” indicator. A “red” indicator on check-in flags a problem with access denied.

SVEA Administrative Staff – Entering Personal Codes:
The personal codes entered by SVEA staff will be the “Account Number” followed by the individuals initials followed by a unique card issue number.   Example:  4323-DJ-000X

Lost or Stolen Cards:
Cards that are lost or stolen should immediately be reported by the card holder.  The following action will be taken:

  1. The owner personal code for the lost card will be replaced with a new personal code.
  2. The personal code will be the account number followed by initials followed by a unique number. Example:         4323-DJ-000X
  3. If a card is lost within 3 years of issuing original card the Owner will be charged $10.00 for replacement. After 3 years the card will be re-issued at no cost.

Accepting Payments:
All amenity access payments for non-resident guests and program participants will be coordinated through the Square Accounting System located at each amenity.  SVEA will accept credit cards, cash or checks made out to SVEA.  Charging to the owners account is not permitted at this time.

Short-Term Rental Guest Amenity Pass Charges:
Property Management Companies renting Elkhorn property on a short-term basis and authorized to issue amenity cards must enter the names of all guests into the amenity card system.  An amenity pass must be printed for each person staying in the residence.  If SVEA administrative staff issues an amenity card on behalf of the property management company, a fee of $5.00 per card issued will be charged directly to the short-term rental guests before access to the amenities is permitted.



Access to and use of all Sun Valley Elkhorn Association amenities will be governed as follows:

1)      ACCESSING AMENITIES: Access to amenities, without charge, shall be limited to owners, authorized family members and their resident guests. Personal non-resident guests accompanied by property owners shall be charged a $5.00 amenity access fee. All guests who accompany a long-term tenant shall be charged a $5.00 amenity access fee. Public access at all amenity locations for programs, lessons and clinics shall be charged a $5.00 amenity access fee in addition to published program, lesson, and clinics fees. Public access is only permitted during authorized programs, lessons and clinics approved by SVEA, or, when accompanied by a valid cardholder. Access for all guest classifications, charges and fees as described herein are subject to change from time to time as may be deemed appropriate by the board of directors.

 a) Resident guests shall include any non-owner who physically resides in Elkhorn.

 b) Property owners must pre-register their resident guests before access to the amenities is granted without incurring the $5.00 per guest amenity access fee.

 c) Personal non-resident guests shall be defined as any personal guest of an owner or resident who does not reside in Elkhorn. Owners and residents shall accompany and remain with non-resident guests at all times while guests are within the Elkhorn amenities. Other than Sun Valley Elkhorn Association sponsored activities, Elkhorn amenities shall not be used for commercial and/or for-profit use by any individual(s) or entities, or for any other entertainment purpose, including but not limited to private tennis and swim lessons not expressly authorized by the Sun Valley Elkhorn Association.

 d) All guests of a long-term tenant, emergency workers, VIP, employees, or short-term tenant, that does not possess an individual amenity card shall be charged a $5.00 amenity access fee per person per visit at all amenity locations.


2)      ISSUING AMENITY CARD: Amenity cards shall be issued under the following guidelines.

 a) Deed Owners, Spouses and their children shall each be issued Owner/Family Member Amenity Cards.

 b) Resident guests, Long-term Tenant, Short-term Rental Guests shall be issued amenity cards in accordance with their classification. Such amenity cards shall be issued at the direction of the property owner and/or his/her authorized rental agent and shall expire at the end of the term of stay and/or lease of the resident guest, not to exceed 12 months.

 c) All amenity cards shall be issued only after the person to whom the card is to be issued shall have properly and adequately identified him/herself. Adequate identification shall consist of a driver’s license or other form of ID, which shall include a picture of the person being identified.

 d) For additional information concerning the issuance of amenity cards, see the Amenity Card Guidelines contained in Section 8 of these Rules and Regulations.

3)      AMENITY ACCESS FEES: Personal non-resident guests shall be admitted to Elkhorn amenities only when accompanied by a valid amenity card holder, and upon the payment of the $5.00 amenity access fee. Personal non-resident guests of a valid card holder shall not require, nor will they be issued a temporary amenity card. Personal non-resident guests shall be charged an amenity access fee of $5.00 per person per access.

4)      VALID CARD HOLDERS SPONSORING GUESTS: Property Owner, Elkhorn residents and other Valid Cardholders must remain at all times on the premises with their non-resident guests while their guests use the Elkhorn amenities. All non-resident guests using the Elkhorn amenities must vacate the premises when their Elkhorn resident sponsor is no longer available to accompany them.

5)      NUMBER OF GUESTS: Valid card holders are allowed a limited number of personal non-resident guests. The number of personal non-resident guests shall be limited to no more than five (5) guests for the pools, and three (3) guests for tennis and pickleball. Property Owners shall generally be limited to the same maximum number of non-resident guests accessing pools and racquet sports amenities as indicated herein; however, property owners may request additional guest access for special events in which they will personally be in attendance after receiving approval from SVEA Administrative Staff and/or the Board of Directors.

6)      RENTAL PROPERTY AMENITY ACCESS AND FEES: Sun Valley Elkhorn Association property owners renting their Elkhorn property, on a long or short-term basis, shall pay “Annual Rental Access Dues” of six hundred dollars ($600.00). Upon payment of the Annual Rental Access Dues, property owners shall continue to enjoy full use and access to all Elkhorn amenities whether or not they personally reside in Elkhorn. Family members and personal guests of property owners who rent their Elkhorn property, on a short or long-term basis, shall not have access to amenities unless accompanied by the property owner and pay the amenity access fee of $5.00 per person, unless all parties reside in Elkhorn at the time of amenity access and are eligible for a guest pass.

7)      ACCESS, FEES, CHARGES AND POLICIES: Sun Valley Elkhorn Association amenity cards and use policies, fees and charges as described herein are established at the discretion of the Sun Valley Elkhorn Association Board of Directors and may be amended without notice from time to time as deemed necessary and prudent by the Board of Directors.

8)      AMENITY CARDS: Amenity cards shall be issued to all persons entitled to receive them who are over the age of eight (8) years. Exceptions to this may be made by the SVEA General Manager where substantial cause is shown. There shall be a $10 replacement charge for all lost cards within three (3) years of the original issue date. Resident guests shall be issued temporary cards. In no event shall any temporary amenity card expire more than 30 days from the date it is issued.

Owners cards shall be valid for a term of eight (8) years. Owner family member amenity cards shall be valid for no more than 3 years. Upon reaching the age of 24, owner family members shall be issued an amenity card valid for no more than one (1) year.

Owners who rent their residence, upon payment of the Annual Rental Access Dues, can request temporary guest cards to be issued to guests by writing, emailing, or calling the Sun Valley Elkhorn Association and indicating to whom and for what period a temporary card shall be issued. Owners may designate, upon approval by SVEA, a property management agent to issue temporary cards in cases where the owner does not personally manage the rental of his/her own residence. Any property management agent who issues a temporary card to anyone other than a bona fide resident guest shall immediately have the privilege of issuing temporary cards revoked. If access to the amenity card system is revoked, all resident guests for that owners account shall be required to obtain amenity passes from the SVEA administrative office and may be subject to a $5.00 per card issuance fee. Guests shall present an authorization form or lease agreement from the property owner validating their resident guest status to obtain temporary amenity cards.

Owners cards shall be issued to all bona fide property owners and family members who are listed as such by virtue of having a deed to Elkhorn property issued in their name(s) and becoming property owners as defined within the Master Declaration. Elkhorn members who own multiple properties will be issued only one amenity card.

9)      CORPORATIONS, FAMILY TRUSTS AND BUSINESS ENTITIES: Properties owned by corporations (Inc., LLC’s, Etc.) shall be entitled to have the President, Chairman or Managing Partner of the corporation designate who the owners/shareholders of the corporation are and who is therefore entitled to obtain owner/family cards based on corporate ownership type. Any type of Corporation established for the purpose of engaging in rental activity, or subsequently engage in rental activity, shall be classified as a rental property owner and subject to annual “Rental Amenity Access Dues”. Timeshare corporations shall be classified as a rental property subject to the “Rental Amenity Access Dues”. Access for timeshare members to SVEA amenities will be allowed on a temporary card basis only. Timeshares shall have a property manager who will issue temporary amenity passes to its members. SVEA will charge timeshare owners $5.00 per person for issuing amenity passes to its members. Lodging establishments shall be classified as rental property and will be subject to “Rental Amenity Access Dues. Corporations conducting daily general business within Elkhorn, shall be classified as a long-term tenant, allowing one (1) person access and all guests/others charged the “amenity access fee”. Family Trusts and Family LLC entities shall be classified as property owners for the purpose of allowing access to recreational amenities unless the Family Trust engages in rental activity. Family Trusts and Family LLC entities engaging in rental activity shall be subject to annual “Rental Amenity Access Dues” and classified as a short or long-term based on the type of rental activity. All qualifying Corporate entities, or more particularly its members/shareholders eligible for long-term amenity access, shall be issued owner/family member type cards not to exceed one (1) year in duration.

10)      DISPUTE RESOLUTION: Any dispute with respect to the issuance of owner cards shall be resolved by the Sun Valley Elkhorn Association General Manager. An appeal of the General Manager’s decision may be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Sun Valley Elkhorn Association. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final. The procedure (notices, time, form, content, appeals, etc.) to be followed in cases where amenity card issuance is appealed shall be in compliance with the procedures as established for the “Violation Appeals” process within the governing documents and Board approved policies of the Sun Valley Elkhorn Association.

11)      FORM AND TERMS OF PAYMENT: Amenity Access Fees may be paid using cash, credit card or personal check. A returned check fee of $35 will be applied to the owner’s account. No refunds will be issued. Owner may not charge the amenity access fee to their property account at this time.