To ensure the Elkhorn facilities are being enjoyed by those paying for them (the amenities are reserved for the use of property owners and their resident guests), amenity use requires ID cards. Admittance to the amenities will be denied to anyone without a valid amenity card. Owners of property in Elkhorn must obtain a photo amenity card in order to access the amenities (pools, tennis courts and golf). These cards are issued at the Administrative Office located at the Harker Center, #1 Harker Lane. A photo amenity card is issued to all owners of record, their spouse and any dependent children up to 24 years of age. If the property is owned by a corporation or partnership, the Administrative Office must have in their files supporting documents which indicate the owners of the business who have at least 25% interest ownership in the Elkhorn property before photo identification cards may be issued to those parties.

Upon the request/authorization of an owner, guest passes will be issued to persons who are physically residing in Elkhorn. These passes are issued at the Administrative Office in the Harker Center or by a designated property management company.

An amenity card is not transferable and may only be used by the person whose picture and/or name appear on the card. However, a cardholder may bring up to five guests with them to the pools and up to three guests to tennis courts.