How does the Idaho Homeowners Association Act affect my Association?

Condominium and Homeowner Associations in Elkhorn are all managed independently and guided within the structure of the Master Declarations of the Sun Valley Elkhorn Association.  Each Sub-Association manages their property in the manner which meets the needs of their members. How the “Homeowners Association Act” enacted on July 1, 2022, will affect each Association group will vary depending on their current management operation methods.  A copy of the Idaho Homeowners Association Act can be found by clicking “Here”.

What are the hours of operation of the pool facilities in the winter?

There are no swimming pools open in the winter. The Village facility with hot tub, sauna and a steam room is open from 3pm-10pm daily during the winter season.

As Elkhorn owners what amenities can we use?

Elkhorn owners have access to all of the amenities including pools, spas, tennis and pickleball courts at both the Village and the Harker Center. In addition owners have access to the Patty Rosewater Park and the Harker lounge event room.

How do I arrange to get guest cards for my guests, do I have to pick them up?

All resident guests, not accompanying an owner, must be pre-registered and have a card in hand or on their cell phone in order to use the facilities. You may register your guests by emailing or calling the office @ 208-622-7420 (leave a message if after hours). Please provide your name, your account number or your Elkhorn address, the guests first and last name[s], and their arrival and departure dates. Once received, this information will be entered into the system and staff can email you the passes or your guests may pick up their cards at the Harker Center during regular office hours. If your guests are not registered they will not have access.

The amenity access rules are very simple;
1) Everyone, 5 and older, entering an amenity location must have an amenity card.
2) An amenity card holder may bring up to 5 guests who do not have an amenity pass; however, there is a $5 fee for each guest without an amenity pass.
3) Anyone residing in an Elkhorn home or condominium on a long or short-term basis qualifies for an amenity card or guest pass. If you are not staying in Elkhorn, and not a property owner, you are not entitled to a pass.

Understanding these 3 simple rules is all it takes to turn a potentially confrontational situation into an enjoyable experience for everyone. All we ask is that everyone show some patience and understanding and to please bring your amenity card to access the amenities. Our staff will do everything they can to make your visit a pleasant experience.

Deadline for requesting passes is 4pm Monday – Friday. Please note that the office is closed on weekends and holidays and that we are unable to issue passes outside of office hours.

Please click here to view additional information regarding the amenity rules and regulations.

How much do the amenity cards cost?

There is no charge for your initial amenity card; however, a $10 fee may be incurred if your card is lost or stolen within three (3) years of the date of issue. 

Are the amenities open to the public?

Generally, the amenities are for Elkhorn owners and guests. Non-resident guests are allowed to participate in organized programs and events offered at the pool and tennis facilities. They are required to pay a (five) $5 amenity access fee.  General non-organized pool and tennis usage remains free for our owners and resident card holders.

Do Elkhorn owners get a discount on golf?

Yes, the owners of the Elkhorn golf course offer Elkhorn owners and their pass-holding guests a 10% discount on greens fees. There is no discount offered on golf memberships for Elkhorn owners.

How long is the winter season?

The winter season is from the Saturday after Thanksgiving thru April 15th or through the ski season.

Are both the Harker facility and the Village facility open in the winter?

No, the Village facility is the only facility open in the winter.

When do the pools open for summer use?

The Harker pool generally opens on Memorial weekend and the Village pool opens in mid June.

Why are flotation devices not allowed in the Elkhorn pools?

SVEA has found that many parents consider water wings, noodles, life jackets, tubes etc. a safety device and they do not need to be on-guard at all times when in reality these devices are not safe.  Water wings slip off, noodles get away from the user, tubes float just as well upside down as they do right side up. In addition life jackets must fit properly and they have expiration dates, different ratings and certification requirements that we can’t expect our staff to know.  If a child who can’t swim, or is a weak swimmer, is going to be in the pool, we want the parent or responsible person to be with them or on-guard at all times.  While our lifeguards are trained to focus on those they notice are weak swimmers, they must also watch the entire pool area and it only takes a few seconds to go from a fun pool outing to an emergency situation.

Although Elkhorn owners and their guests may be very responsible parents and state that they would not take their eyes off of their children, there have been too many instances where this has not occurred. SVEA hopes that while Elkhorn owners and their guests may not totally agree with our reasoning and floatation device policy, they understand we have had many years of history and experience with such devices and we believe the risks outweigh any perceived benefits provided by floatation equipment.

When do the tennis courts open?

The tennis and pickleball courts at the Village and tennis courts at the Harker Center generally open in May and close in late fall. Organized programs run from June through Labor Day.

When does the Architectural Design Committee (ADC) meet?

The Architectural Design Committee generally meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9am at the Harker Center.

What projects need to be submitted for Architectural Design Review?

Applications for ADC approval shall be submitted for any project involving alterations to the exterior of a property, including remodels, additions and landscape alterations.

How do I submit my application?

The ADC Minor Project Application and the ADC Project Application can be accessed on the SVEA website or picked up at the SVEA offices at 1 Harker Lane, Sun Valley, ID 83354.  Applications can be emailed to or dropped off at the SVEA offices.  Full details of Application submittal requirements are in the ADC Manual which is also found on the website.

Which application should I complete and submit?

The ADC Minor Project Application applies to projects such as the removal of trees and simple landscape additions (see application for a list of projects that qualify for Administrative Approval).  The ADC Project Application is required for new construction, exterior remodels, additions and extensive landscaping projects.  Please call the SVEA offices if you are unsure of which application should be used.

Who do I call with questions about ADC applications?

Please contact the ADC Manager, Sue Ahern with questions.  The SVEA phone number is (208) 622-7420 and the email is If the Manager is unavailable, other members of the SVEA staff will be able to answer your questions.

How long is the approval process?

Minor Exterior Improvements may be approved within several days if written approval of neighbors within 100’ of the project is provided with the complete application.  Otherwise, approval will take approximately 18 days, giving neighbors the opportunity to comment on the Notice to Neighbors mailed by the SVEA.  Projects requiring ADC Committee review may be approved between 21 and 40 days depending on when the completed application and all supporting documents are received in relation to the scheduled ADC Meeting date.

Why do I have to pay a review fee?

This fee covers the cost of consulting services for the architects and landscape architects which review the submittal.

How much are dues?

Dues are $734 per year per property and are billed semi-annually. The billing cycles are November through April and May through October. In addition, an annual amount of $600 for Rental Amenity Access Dues is charged to the owner if the property is used as a long or short-term rental.

What are dues used for?

Dues cover the maintenance and management of all of the amenities, association insurance, administrative staff, and all other expenses associated with running a property owners association.

How much open space is owned by the Association?

The Association owns approximately 1800+ acres of open space throughout Elkhorn.

What is the process for becoming a Board Member?

Board Members are elected by the membership at the Annual Meetings.  If you are interested in running for a Board seat complete the application “click here” and submit it to the office along with your bio and photo.  Your name will be included on the proxy for the next annual membership meeting.

How often does the Board meet?

There are quarterly Board meetings, the summer membership meeting and the annual meeting. However if there are pressing matters the Board will call special meetings.

Where do I find the most recent proxy?

Call the Harker office at 208-622-7420 to request the most recent SVEA Proxy.